We Love The Purple Leaf Tea! What’s not to Love about a Naturally Occurring Tea Offering more Antioxidants and health benefits than any other tea?! We use The Purple Leaf Tea as our House Iced Tea, The Main Star of our Tea Room. The Purple Leaf Tea makes beautiful geode-like gems for Iced-Tea Cubes! Our Tea Room stands out from others in town, for we currently are the only one to Offer the Purple Tea.
The Purple Tea Brews Beautifully and easily! Brewing similarly to most of the Teas we already offer makes my staff and customers very happy! I am still amazed at the High-Quality Pluck of the Purple Tea. The Purple Tea Leaves unfold elegantly and are simply stunning to behold. Bewitching many with its gorgeous liquor color, the Purple Leaf Tea’s Color Changing Magic adds another level of excitement.
The Purple Tea, by itself, speaks volumes of the great care and attention to detail by all the numerous persons involved in the entire process of the tea; from seed to shipping, the wholeness of the leaf is superb. 
Providing The Purple Leaf Tea makes us feel good knowing I am supporting sustainable human and ecological labors. I love the high-moral and ethics of this tea, mostly the transparent sourcing of the tea! Providing so much wonderful information of the whole process!
The literacy program for the local children makes everybody feel happy! Making any and all tea information easily accessible and usable facilitated sales so quickly; My patrons love seeing the smiling and happy faces of the people who worked so hard to bring this wonderful tea to them! My patrons and I proudly share our love of tea, good tea, sustainable tea, an ethical tea. A tea that does not degrade the earth or humanity.
Thanks again for Our Amazing, Purple Leaf Tea
-Marie and Patrick
Marie’s Teas
Not Made in China Pottery & Studios
Albuquerque, New Mexico