Welcome to the #PurpleTeaExperience

Welcome to the #PurpleTeaExperience!  Discover why everyone is curious about the all new Purple Tea!

Grown in high elevations of 6,000+ feet in the Kenyan Farms, The Purple Tea boasts a brand-new flavor and color profile that demands its own category of Tea.  See where you can find the #PurpleTeaExperience

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The #PurpleTeaExperience is coming to Devan Shah Tea Festival

December 2nd – 3rd

Pasadena Convention Center

Devan Shah Tea Festival

Yes it is!  Purple Tea comes from the same tea plant “Camiella Sinensis.”  To find out more about this unique tea – Click Here

Find out where you can catch the #PurpleTeaExperience at various shows and Festivals across the U.S.

Want to get your own supply of Purple Tea?  Whether for Business or Personal, click here to to find out where!